Monday, February 18, 2008

Oops da(the) SMS lingo??!!

Hey as u read this,I am sure u wud b receiving a msg(but as far as spice n/w is concerned,I can guarantee tht u wud b getting a 'Good morning' msg in da evening or just vice versa :-)..expect me 2 write a blog on this someday!!)..isn't it imperative u wud reply back and wud definitely use wrds like 'asap' for 'as soon as possible' or 'da' or 't' for 'the'..well if u dont agree with me,pls ask da same question 2 a BSNL customer (must b a bakra guy like me!!) & u wud know da plight of exhorbitant charges..weren't u amazed using this sought of lingo..I am sure u were..then why this sought of discomfort when using da same SMS lingo in da blogs!!..Before proceeding let me clarify myself,ppl who weren't happy with my usage of SMS lingo,I respect ur words & no ill feelings for tht..pls do continue 2 criticize me as I believe in constructive criticism.
But my question is why not use it.I mean u r so happy using it in sendin msgs makin ur cmplx life less complicated,it's u who's creating new short cuts for almost every word of Thesaurus(hey how abt a complete dictionary on SMS lingo..wht shall we name it as 'The SMS saurus',well,u specify it 2 me),ok so continuing my argument why not hav da same analogy when it comes 2 ur blog,I repeat "ur blog".It's da means of expreesing 'ur' thoughts which has da power 2 elevate 'ur' happiness 2 a very high makes u feel much bettr when ur feelin low in life..well I can find u 1000s of reasons supporting my stand.I some how has da feeling tht most ppl reading this article will b sharing da same boat as I do..(pls let me know thru ur comments)..I understand tht blogs r supposed 2 hav a literary relation 2 it(I desperately want 2 add something on relation here,but unfortunately I dont understand thm neither can I learn thm..still can't figure out as 2 who my niece is :-) ) and all those bla bla,but before admitting urself 2 da so called 'rules',pls give a 2nd thought..put urself at a higher priority than da rulebook..So guys & girls come out of da shell which others have created for u and xpress urself in da way u want it 2 b..b it da SMS lingo or may b da Hinglish(merger of Hindi & English)way..
For da ppl who still aren't convinced,pls drop in a comment and lets c how it goes...I am looking for a person who can convince me on going 2 da other side of da shore..(yeah thts making me go against my stand)..All da best..


priyanka said...

I thought sms lingo existed because of limited characters in a single text.Blogs sound nice if u manage to read it with a flow.And using sms lingo prevents that... dont u think so???

karthikv4u said...

With all the oblique references to my so called 'rules' (quite literally) I can give you 101 reasons not to use SMS lingo. A small hinglish here and a smaller kanglish there is fine, but honestly why dont you want to read a Harry Potter or LOTR in SMS lingo?

Ah wait! Now since that isnt possible, you'll say that would be just fine with me, but try.

And about the molds others have got us into, if it is for the better, why not? After all, you live life for others most of the time. And most importantly your blog is not and I repeat NOT for you to write but for others to read, so a reader's wish matters the most.

Phew! You can trust on me to write longer comments!

ramya said...

u know i actually found it difficult to even get a hang of what u were writing! its like, when u read a line written in normal english, ur eyes actually skip words like 'the', 'to', 'and', 'for' and other such obvious words and you concentrate on main words which actually give you information. This enhances reading speed. But when you use sms lingo, inadvertently you tend to concentrate on those short forms, as you dont get a hang of it the moment you see it. This reduces your eye span of reading, making
it more tedious.
let me give u an eg
Ram went to the shop to buy an apple.
In the above sentence, my eye reads only 'Ram' , 'shop' and 'apple'. I get the meaning without reading the in between words.
Ram wen 2 da shop 2 buy an apple.
In this case i have to actually read each word to get a hang of the sentence
okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... some logic of mine... but i seriously think using sms lingo reduces readability

0RI0N said...

I would like to second that.. and even what karthik said. But a good start.
Welcome to the joint. You will find many friends here. :)

yashodharma said...

SMS lingo has almost become a part of our lives. So, no problem with it whatsoever... A very good article....

Pannaga said...

hey ramya's absolutely right.. ul involuntarily end up payin more attention to the shortened words..

but nice article anyway.. :)
liked the sms saurus part! ur makin it sound like it's some distant cousin of the dinasaurs!

keep writin..