Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Reminiscing my past I feel she's the person I can never ever forget.It feels simply amazing to get nostalgic and go down the memory lane to remember the most memorable moments of my life.Ah!!great were the days when we roamed around streets holding hands together,needless to mention how hard it was to do this for the first time.It took me exactly 45 days and 8 hours to get a feel of her.I still remember that day.It was 5’o clock in the evening and it was our third meet.It was the spring season which people say is the best season to begin the journey of love.The wind blew from left to right bringing down the yellow flowers from the tree onto the ground creating a virtual heaven right in front of me.With the scene perfectly set she arrived and with her came the wonderful smile which could give a run for money even to the beauties of moon.Asking myself to put on some courage I held her hands,put my hands over them and held them tight.May be I should have waited for a minute or two but somehow I couldn’t.I felt as if I was floating in the air much above earth surface,must be easily 10,000 feet high!!.Had the cupid arrow struck me?I had no clue,all that I wanted was to enjoy the moment to the core and I did so.Frankly speaking I just lost to her on that day and may be I continue to do so even today.
I took it to the next level from there and hey there was no looking back.The ‘once in fortnight’ meet now changed to ‘once in a week’ meet.The experiences of sharing icecream with loads of peppy talk adding onto the flavour or the conversation which ran for hours on the telephone with fears of being caught by my parents or the rides to the theatre on my kinetic.Simply great!!.The fact that my kinetic neither had an indicator nor a horn added spice to the ride.Oh did I forget to mention that I didn’t even have a licence!!(Actually I was too young to hold one:-)).Well,I can list thousands of such experiences.
But things changed over the years.The aura of happiness diminished,so did the love factor.She started having fights over petty things.The weekly meet which had eventually turned onto a daily one seemed to have just lost its shine for her.We couldn’t or rather didn’t want to meet even once in month.I just couldn’t digest the fact that she didn’t love me anymore.Oh god why on earth did you make me meet her was the question that popped up every minute.Oh Katz(that’s her nick name given by me)I missed you badly.You must be wondering as to who this mistery girl of my life is.Isn’t it?So no more waiting,here we go..

Yes,thats Katie Holmes.Man,isn’t she beautiful.Hey wait,I never mentioned you about the culprit who snatched my love.Here he is-a snob who is short,plump and acts in MI series which are sometimes worse than the Dhoom2.I still can’t figure out how Katz fell for him.Seriously,look at me-a handsome,witty,brainy,humorous…(huh I can go on and on) and the person right below.

So I thought for a while and actually found myself very foolish to even have accepted her as my girlfriend.Given the fact that I am a very optimistic and consider spider as my inspiration for its never give up attitude,I didn’t crib for too long,kept my eyes really wide open(sometimes even the mouth!!)and found myself a new friend.Here she is....

Hot,candy with a great smile to add on,what else do you expect?I am more than satisfied to have found her and hope you are jealous for the same reason.So my advice is to be open to new avenues and someday you might just find in one more girl who continues to be your life..only until you find a better girl to replace I end my post saying B+ve..

(1)For all the people who have fallen in love or hope to do so.I never could have found sentences to compare the smile of a girl with something like a moon if not for you people.Cheers!!
(2)For my 2nd girlfriend Genelia(better I keep it as Xth girlfriend..see you never know:-))for flicking her photo.Hope we can meet someday.


S.Ghosh said...

are you sure she i your X th girlfriend ...didn't you miss some in your memory lane ha ha :)

jokes apart you are a good writer and i enjoy your post very much ....regarding love is that definable e?
keep well

ramya said...

hey nice one man! i guess u wil be losing ur prof title soon. i shall officially abolish the name!

Anonymous said...

first, thanks for the kind words of appreciation.
n second, i take back by thanks since u've set ur eyes on Genelia. damn! of all the girls on this planet was she the only one u could find!?! I was plannin to propose to her man. guess u have to find a new girl friend now. sorry for breakin the sad news.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

@Ghosh-Hey you got it wrong,it's actually character X and not 10th gf as you thought.hehe..thnx for the comment..

@Ramya-I wish and hope u do that soon:-)

@Thechaosmonger-Sorry dude,you are little too late,anyways I got a offer from Mischa Barton recently,so I guess you can try your luck with Genelia.Tough luck dude..

life is good said...

you are great in creating interest.
you have a nice blog to read,enjoy, relax . keep on.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Hey..Interesting start. So life is rolling for you. Good that it is stopping at sweet spots.

The Rebel said...

Nice one dude...ha ha..

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

@life is good-Thanks

@krishnan-yeah sought of rolling!!

@the rebel-thnx buddy but din't get either ur name or place..anyways just out of curiosity want 2 know wat made u a rebel??:-)