Sunday, July 6, 2008

Love is in the air!!!

It seems like everyone around me has gone insane,or rather acting asinine.Every alternate day I hear one or the other guy longing to propose to a girl(or rather.. forget it!!).I understand that we are all parting our ways as our tyranny of 4 years with one of the worst universities on earth- VTU ends and we are supposedly the fresh batch of engineers(loads of exclamations!!!!),but never knew that it's aftermath could pamper the minds of my friends to such an extent.

Till date,I never understood the logic of two people holding hands and walking down the arroyo or a park or some public place.As a matter of fact everyone knows that this display of artificial emotions in public display wouldn't last for more than 3-4 months.So my question to all people who are falling into this abyss is why on earth would you want to spoil your precious time by indulging in some activity that's definite to lead to one thing-affliction.If you are an atheist don't worry you always have a very old friend 'booze' with you.

Hey guys it's just a matter of time before your counterpart starts cribbing about all the things she handles.It reminds me of my friend who was in a state of despair as his girlfriend was pissed off with him for not wishing Good morning.WTH,can it get worse than this!!.When I ask him as to how is it to be in a relationship for 3 years,all that he has to say is this "It's not about being in a relationship anymore,it's about me being at the receiving end of all cribbing".God save you!!.

If you think I am drawing conclusion from one incident then I pity you for I can quote thousands of such examples and I am sure you must be nodding your head with me in unison.So guys better late than never;stop acting stupid and live you life rather than burying yourself in a grave when you are still alive.Well if you ask me as to what's the best part of not being in a relationship, my answer is very simple and straight forward "You won't be deprived of the basic fundamental right of (1)the liberty to have crush on any girl and most importantly (2)freedom to hang out with any girl whom you like".So live life buggers.Act smart.

Before I sign off a word of caution:make sure that you do not follow my instructions diligently if not you might just end up with a situation like this.


Sathyajit said...

I don't completely agree with what you've written. There are a 'few' relationships which are not like what you've tried to say.
Since its a rarity to find such a couple what you say maybe true to a certain extent.
There is a finite possibility that you enter a good relationship though.

I just love Heisenberg's uncertainty principle , although I can't claim to have understood it completely :)

Anonymous said...

There is no love or what ever they call it. These infatuations are because of "i wanna be cool" attitude or as a result of peer pressure. I remember asking for a bicycle wen i was in 7th grade just coz everyone else had it.

Boys r always on the receiving side. As u pointed out, any "relationship" demands total dedication n loyalty. So forget about other hot chicks. * Also, u spend so much for movies, dinner, presents etc which will destroy ur fiscal balance.

About VTU, they have ruined my life.

* conditions do not apply if u get to ride ur girl friend. [ pun intended. Sorry roopesh, I got cranky again ;-) ]

The Rebel said...

Relationships can be a pain at times. I see no point in 'em myself [other than the fornication, but where there's a hand there's a way]. I'm of the opinion that being close to another person should be possible without commitment and I strive to achieve that [with some success as well]. So your point isn't entirely invalid as far as I'm concerned.
But damn me if you aren't representing this opinion in the most blissfully ignorant fashion possible.
Public display of affection isn't always artificial. I don't understand it myself, but I know that it means something more often than not [at least to one of em]

Relationships don't always last less than 4 months.

Women aren't all crazily possessive.

Am I saying that relationships seldom give troubles? No.
Am I saying that relationships are worth the trouble they often seem to bring? No.
Am I saying that you're an insensitive prat? Yes. But, so am I. So that's not the problem. It's just that when you try to act all superior about it, you come off as much more than just insensitive. You come off as an immature, arrogant and condescending "wise-guy-wannabe". No offense, Just thought I'd let you know.

And thechaosmonger, are you seriously of the opinion that people get into this 'coz of peer pressure rather than for want of intimacy? I thought you were smarter than that.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

@satyajit-typical explanation from u maga..oh god heisenberg's uncertainity principle!!great machi..

@thechaosmonger-thanks buddy, atleast 1 out of 3 guys agree with's more of a infatuation than anything else..perfectly right..(and 'the rebel' I think he makes sense in his words)..

@The rebel-buddy u must b having a really convoluted mind for I can't understand much of the intricacies in a relationship mentioned by u..anyways agree with u that there r good girls around whom we can trust,but all that I say is think before u ink so that u dont blink badly later..anyways thanks for t comments..

Sayani said...

on a lighter note...thats witty.btw the sketches are ur own?

gr8 time :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

I guess Love need to go hand in hand with maturity. Else its bloody pointless

Have you read 'the glove and the lion'? It's a cute poem I like. And it's almost a reflection of what 'love' is perceived to be in most minds today


A comeback-roopeshrn said...

@sayani-thanks for takin time 2 read my blog..abt t sketches 1 is mine others as usual flicked from internet:-)

@macadamia-sorry dint get ur name..but 'the nut' seems 2 b a nice 1..nice 2 hav some company finally..hehe..abt t poem..sorry I haven't read..actually I dont like readin poems..donno why..need 2 figure it out..

Sheryll Sampson said...

Interesting point of view. Even if I disagree with most of it. =D
Like the rebel said.. not all girls are so possessive and face it.. a lot of guys ARE. And they can nag. A lot.
U just cant generalize like that. It's plain unfair to BOTH sexes.
*throws chappal at the chaosmonger. 'Boys are always at the receiving side'?!?!?!* Sour grapes maybe?? =D
Q. Wrt that friend of yours whose girlfriend was mad at him etc,etc.. If he was soo unhappy, why stay? Evidently he isn't/wasn't as unhappy as u make him out to be... or maybe he just likes pain.
Believe it or not, relationships don't always have to always be so full of arguments and 'artificial' PDAs.
It takes two to tango you know.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

First of all thnx a ton for lettin ur voice in..huh!!finally it happened..sorry dont agree with ur comment..I don't think so boys are more possessive than girls's just in t initial phase where we feel we need 2 get a particular girl in our life,we go 2 t extreme step of actin little bit insane.but once tht phase is gone,frankly most of us wud love 2 hav a new gf every 6months-1year:-).
Anyways I see a breach of code of conduct by u as u threw chappals at 1 of my frnds..also I see u flickin 2 of my readers onto ur blog..height of indecency ah?!so u bettr make this dull moron face a little bit happy by throwin not chappals but a party asap..spend a fraction of ur 1st month salary u stingy..:-)

karthikv4u said...

So much from a disgruntled lover boy......

Leavin aside the serious stuff, haven't u ever heard of this chap called Sharukh Khan?? or atleast Rahul, naam tho suna hoga

And so cautious to have enabled comment moderation eh??

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

@karthik-disgruntled-yes i am,but lover boy definitely not me..:-)