Saturday, January 24, 2009

My only form of Exercise!!

Before I begin let me ask you a question.You can love me or hate me but definitely cannot deny me.What is it that I am pointing to?Common guys,don't scroll down to see the answer.I know it's very comfortable to lay back in the lounge and let our mind do what it's best at-SLEEP:-).Lets get our brains ticking.To help you,I pitch across a clue.It's typical of the city called Bangalore!.Oops it's the same city that we are dwelling.Hope you have guessed it by now.Yeah the one and only 'TRAFFIC'.You might now be wondering how this is related to the title of my artilce.Here it goes..
Dak Dak Dak,my front door gets a bang!!"Oye would you mind switching off the alarm?Atleast for God's sake!!".This is what my owner has to say almost every morning at 5AM!Surprised with the timings.DON'T BE,because the amount of time that I dedicate to travel is close to six hours,unfortuantely everday!!.Hmmm so doudne ki zindagi shuru."Ut saala ut"-my mind tells me.Regrettingly I get up and finish off all ablutions and run to the destination:the ubiquitous bus stop:-)With my hands literally folded,I pray and beg for mercy from God to find me a place to sit in the bus.Being optimistic I run along.Unfortunately lady luck never seems to be on a date with me.Ah! not again!.Fully crowded and loaded buses pass by.It looks as if BMTC buses(Govt. buses in B'lore) are having a hearty laugh at me saying-"Bacchu himmat he toh bus pe chadja.Hahaha".With no other option at my disposal I get onto the bus(ofcourse after many futile attempts:-)).
Now that I some how managed to place one of my foot on the bus,does the story end?Naah..Ab tak toh trailer huva,aage aage dekho hotahe kya?Squeezing onto a fully packed bus is an 'art' that not many can master.Fortuantely for me I learnt it within a couple of days of boarding BMTC buses.The fact that I weigh around 47kgs! makes it much more easier.Now with the ticket wala running onto me as if to pounce and eat me alive,I manage to muster courage and pull across my wallet."One daily pass" handing over 100 bucks to conductor."what boss?Nahi change kya?"conductor retorts in so called Hindi.I presume and only presume that these words are a merger of Kannada and Hindi.So I better call it Kandi!!(Sorry I couldn't come up with a better word)."No boss i reply" only to face his wrath,anger and hatred.
While this infamous transaction goes on,bus reaches the next stop.With me getting a inkling about it,I run for cover so that I am spared of all stamping and nudging.For my despair I didn't miss the sweet kisses of push and pull.I curse myself for being like a one legged man in a bum kicking competetion.But in the back of my mind I knew that I got to choose between tightening my belt or else people around would loosen my pants!:-).So the saga continues and as I travel,myself along with hundred odd people look for a chance to rest our butt.If getting onto the bus is of mastery level 1,pouncing onto an empty seat is definitely level 3 or 4.
I seriously don't understand the logic or whatever you may call it as to how someone manages to occupy a seat.100 odd people hogging onto 1 seat is a clear indication of the situation but Jesus how can some one 'fight' over a seat.Yeah this is reality which I am sharing with you.It's actually a mini war or say a prototype of a guirella warfare.I must admit people literally fight for their lives to reach onto a seat!!I wonder how many hits my video would receive if I post this act on Youtube.I bet it's going to break the old records and create new one which would take ages to be surpassed!!.
With my neatly pressed clothes taking a beat and me left lurching half alive,I reach my office stop.While I thank God for keeping me alive I try to find a way out of the bus only to realize that I am too far behind to reach the door.With fractions of seconds left I follow the same path as others,yes you guessed it right,stamp people on the way or do whatever you want but reach the exit.Remember the words of Arjuna when Dronacharya asked him about his target.Bird's eye,isn't it?Ditto Ditto with me as well but for a small change:'bus door exit' replaces the 'bird's
Arey door tak toh paunch gaya.Magar baahar kaise niklu is the question that ran in my mind bringing a shiver down my spine.Phew!,with the so called automatic door kept wide open I try to put my foot out of the bus but unfortuantely I couldn't.Reason-there is more influx of people than outflux as the bus stops at each terminal for a maximum of 2 minutes!.Although I am vehemently heading out of the bus people around won't let me.For someone who is around 20 kgs under weight don't expect fighting for long.So as I give up bus door closes and I only hope that I make my way out in the next stop atleast.People around me felt bad about it and thought of showing courtesy and any guesses as to how they did it.They pushed me like a stack of baggage until I kept one of my foot out of the bus.Sad isn't it?No way man,I must say that this was the defining moment of my life.I can't express the sought of happiness that I experience everytime I manage to finish off my journey,well just to begin my day at office!.Nobody travels
on the road to success without a puncture or two.Isn't it? and I religiously admit it and follow it.
I am very confident that this is the best form of exercise to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally.So I presume,you now know where to head to for complete fitness package at a very affordable price.Down down VLCC and all those money gulping centres!!.Three cheers to BMTC buses.
Before I sign off,I leave you with this quote-“Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them”.I have made use of one such opportunity and I sincerely hope you follow through as well:-).


karthikv4u said...

Magane en maadthya....jeevana ella aaramaagi mangaloorallidre bengaloor avasthe hege gottagbeku?? Welcome to Reality 3.0!

Just wondering since when did u start thinking in Hindi??

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Hmmmm maga it's just that u haven't tasted the crowd in mlore's bad to the same extent but one addon is that u find amazing girls around u as well:P.
Oh about thinking in hindi all hostel affect maga:-)

laddu said...

I am very confident that this is the best form of exercise to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally.

i wonder if some 20 kg underweight needs ny exercise....:P:P

Anonymous said...

47 kgs? dude, do something... n be careful in bmtc buses

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

@laddu-haan yaar very tru ab kya exercise karu mein..ab weight dalne keliye koi exercise todi hey:-)

@chaos-i think i hav lost 1-2kgs more!!i dont think i wil ever put on weight!!lets c..:-)

Sayani said...

i guess bus services are meant to know the power of individuality in unity :P
b'lore i know is a huge competetor but other places (india ofcourse) don't lag behind :)

great one tho'